A simple service to embed FurAffinity posts into any chat app.

Open Source

The entire source for the service is available on GitHub, at firrawoof/xfuraffinity. You can even host your own xfuraffinity server if you like.

Free to Use

Anyone can use xfuraffinity for free (provided server costs remain reasonable). If you would like to help host the project, feel free to make a donation!

Engagement Information (soon...)

The number of likes and comments is added to every embed, so you know at a glance how well a submission is doing.

Simple Code

The project is written in Go, and the code is very easy to follow and understand, so you can be sure nothing fishy happens on the backend.

Easily Scalable

The backend runs on Google Cloud Functions, which means it should be able to easily scale regardless of the amount of users.

Community Built

The service was created with love by Firra, a furry just like you. I really hope you enjoy using this thing ♡.